Communication lines

Analog Phone Line Channel

The most typical way is to use the existing analog phone line channels as they are widely available. The phone line is directly connected to VOICE Module that would form and send an appropriate voice message to Operations Desk in case of any default in performance of the security officer.

Many office spaces are nowadays equipped with digital exchanges, but using them may become a problem as their digital protocols cannot accept analog signals. To resolve this issue the following possible solutions can be applied:

  • To install so-called “analog cards” – they usually have several reserve output ports remaining unused.
  • To apply for an additional analog phone line; in such case it could be independently used from the office telecommunication equipment.

GSM Modem

If the problem of use of the analog phone lines still remains, transmission of alarming voice messages could be organized via GSM channels. For this purpose inexpensive GSM modems, having external analog output ports, are suitable for most situations.

Digital Radio Channel

Existing digital radio channel, usually used as alarm buttons for requesting emergency help, could be also used for transmitting alarm messages. As a rule, such transmitters have four input ports that could be connected with appropriate output ports of the Switching Module.

Security / Fire Alarm Channel

For transmitting alarming messages it is also possible to use the existing security / fire alarm system that is connected to an external guard console. In this case the Switching Module’s appropriate output ports are to be connected to free (unused) zones of the security alarm system.