Protection against vandalism

Dishonest persons may try to “invent” and use different devices that could help them to avoid performing their guarding duties. Test exploitation of the system revealed several attempts to use simple self-made electromechanical mechanisms that periodically pressed CHECK button (so-called “wood-pecker” devices). To prevent it, the appropriate program solution – ANTI Wood-Pecker - was developed.

Protection against vandalism

If someone tries to make the system inoperative or deactivate it, Guard NS will identify such attempts and report to Operations Desk in the automatic mode. Specialized software, installed into the System Module, allows you to identify the following vandal actions against the system:

  • attempts to break non-recovered labels  
  • use of different liquids 
  • mechanical shock or any other physical impact 
  • use of electroshocks  

To prevent these, the system conducts permanent testing to determine whether connection cables, power cables and phone lines are working properly. 

Each fact of vandalism or any other action similar to it is recorded and reported to Operations Desk automatically. Such records could become a factual basis for eventual discipline actions or material loss claims against those who try to make the equipment inoperative.