Psychological aspects

Psychological aspects

It is obviously that “invigilating” functions of the system may have a negative effect on guarding personnel. In order to make the situation psychologically less stressed, it is highly recommended to start usage of Guard NS individually: the officers with recorded positive reputation may not need to be controlled as often as newcomers. Combinations of checking signals may be different for day and night shifts, BONUS Function may be used more often at the beginning to demonstrate the personnel its friendly possibilities… These and other approaches can help you in mitigating certain stress tension in your team.     

Testing results

Guard NS was testing during last 18 months on the objects guarded by BASK Security. Numerous nuances were marked, so the present model of the system’s program part was finally modified accordingly.

Analysis of the results obtained allowed us to conclude that the following typical stages to be passed until the guarding personnel starts use the system “normally”:

  • 1 to 2 weeks are needed to get the officers accustomed to it. During this time period they demonstrated certain interest, considering it like a novelty.  
  • Further, the initial interest was receding into the background. This period lasted approximately 30 days or so.
  • During the further step the system began to irritate the personnel, and many of the officers started to “invent” the ways to ignore it, simultaneously trying to avoid eventual discipline punishment, or even destroy.   

But introducing BONUS Function changed their attitude diametrically opposed practically immediately. 

Another positive result of testing is that the managers could compose individual psychological portraits of each officer during a week or so. All prevailing character traits became known very quickly, so the possibility to work with the personnel individually arose.