Cutting your expenses

The system allows you to cut your current expenses related to the object covered with your guarding staff:

  • Your phone bills will be less for about 80% as there will be no need to use local phone services – the system would call you itself only if the working procedures are not followed by your guarding personnel.
  • Your local transportation costs will be significantly lower as there will be no need to use your duty cars for visiting the objects personally – so the number of supervisors could be cut as well.
  • No need to use computer hardware at the posts at all.
  • The system can be connected to any existing communication channels available at the post – hence there is no need to purchase any other equipment.
  • Factual data on the quality of duty performance would legally allow you to know exactly who is worth paying the premium payments.    
  • And finally, availability of the system at the posts could demonstrate your professional advantages to your actual and – what is more important – prospective clients.