No more sleep or leaving the post unattended

Technical Solution

A signal module is placed at the guard post to give light and sound signals to the security officer. He should react by pressing appropriate buttons. If the button is not pressed, this would mean that the officer is distracted or an incident has occurred at the post. If so, the system transmits a voice message to Operation Desk by phone or appropriate prearranged signals by other communication channels. Testing signals are transmitted in the quasi-random mode, so their regularity cannot be determined.

ALARM Function

If the CHECK button is not pressed after the signal, the automatic dialing command is formed, and the ALARM Voice Command is sent: “OBJEJCT … (number) ALARM!” The system provides the possibility to store the alarm signals both in built-in nonvolatile memory units and on remote drives such as phone answering machines or smartphones. Hence the guard performance control is exercised continuously, with no need to visit the objects or periodic reports from the security officers by phone.